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Promotional Efforts

Don’t Go Into The Marsh

I thought that I heard you sing Continue reading


I Want To Know My Father’s Name. Tell Me His Sweet Name Again!

Kosaku Shima wins official approval, Sinner presages the comics future, and Checkmate! embodies the ’80s. Continue reading


Internal Grease Dynamics

The return of Tucker Stone and Abhay Khosla. Continue reading

She Married That UPS guy

Some More Poison Will Clear All The Previous Poison Right Up, I’m Sure Of It

Tucker wonders why he’s still reading superhero comics. Continue reading


Pancakes Are Good For Me

Reviews of Lone Wolf and Cub, Paul Pope, Kick-Ass 3, Prophet, and Optic Nerve. Continue reading


Weak Violet Heights

Back to the rock pile of commercial genre comics, with a hammer. Continue reading


Let’s Talk Turkey. Sandwiches!

Tucker reviews the latest comics, and Abhay experiments with Valiant fan fiction. Continue reading


John Updike Said It Best When He Started Screaming Obscenities at a Parked Car

Back from the country, feeling mellow. Continue reading