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Plump With Desire

It’s Monday, and that means new Content geared that has Maximum Share-ability. Continue reading


All Dead In Kyoto Village

Zainab speaks, the nose of a wheelbarrow grows, it was an epidemic! Continue reading


A Poor Man’s Stone Temple Pilots

There’s a lot more information about said vasectomy, and the realistic implications, at the link above. Continue reading


There Is No Shortcut

The return of Wolverine! Continue reading


Excerpt: Geis Volume 2 (A Game Without Rules)

An early look at the newest fantasy graphic novel from Alexis Deacon and Nobrow! Continue reading

Tom King (he was in the CIA!) and Sean (Gordon!) Murphy (he’s seen Toppi draw leaves/read Akira!) bring you “Batman: Whitest Knight(est): Batman & Joker Just Straight Up Fuck” Coming from DC Summer 2018

The Fever of The Werewolf

Baby needs a bib, this bottle is full of barbecue sauce. Continue reading


St. Augustine’s Shiny Wristwatch

New comics, new news, and more! Continue reading


Zero Percent Status Control

The Chesapeake loinbuilder returns, with sterling gaze. Continue reading