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Look What You Made Me Glue

Marc Sobel has no fear of word count, RJ Casey takes a stand, and awful rumors abound, and may be fast on their way towards being…not rumors? Continue reading


The Finest in Grog

Time to meet Sara & Ardo, your Lambda nominations, learn from the book of Stotts, and check in with two other contributors who have gone off and made some comics. Continue reading


Sure Cougar, Pure Sugar

Chris Mautner and email marketing! Let’s all get aroused about EMAIL MARKETING. Continue reading


Who Needs Food When You’ve Got A Checklist

Katie bids us farewell, Tegan takes the new kid out for a test drive, Neil Gaiman meets four strangers in a hotel room and calls them geniuses. Continue reading



Today we welcome Jeremy, Kevin and Katie, who have agreed to set up shop in every section of comics that is available to them, which is all of the sections. Continue reading


This Land Is Quicksand

Katie Skelly sets up shop, Matt Seneca gets a history lesson, I hung out with the best synchronized skaters in the country. Continue reading


The Illuminati, But For Raisins

The funny thing about plumbing is that’s such a present tense kind of thing. Continue reading


Know When To Fold Them

Red Winter, R. Sikoryak & Rob Liefeld. Are there other letters in the alphabet? Not any good ones! Continue reading