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Blind To Passes

The comics made by contributors, a reminder that anti-vaxxers aren’t the only ones who don’t care about herd immunity, and a visit to the other House of Ideas. Continue reading


The Issue of Value

Free comics, the hopefully final word on the latest Neil Gaiman non-Sandman cash grab and a giant, glorious interview. It’s Thursday in Heaven! Continue reading


Tengo Hambre

It’s day two of Pitchfork scribes turning in comics reviews, and day one of a Kilgore take-over. Also, i’m molting. Continue reading


Philip Glass, Knife Collector

When two clowns go to the bathroom, hijinks ensue. Continue reading


The Blood and The Father

A reviewer demands proper BISAC-ing: it’s Wednesday, friend. Continue reading


Look What You Made Me Glue

Marc Sobel has no fear of word count, RJ Casey takes a stand, and awful rumors abound, and may be fast on their way towards being…not rumors? Continue reading


The Finest in Grog

Time to meet Sara & Ardo, your Lambda nominations, learn from the book of Stotts, and check in with two other contributors who have gone off and made some comics. Continue reading


Sure Cougar, Pure Sugar

Chris Mautner and email marketing! Let’s all get aroused about EMAIL MARKETING. Continue reading