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Querulous Handiwork

While we can’t make every Thursday Eleanor Davis Day, this Thursday is Eleanor Davis Day, and if you don’t like it…well, i’m sure there’s a bus station in your crappy town. Make use of it, buster! Continue reading


Three Quarters Dead

It’s time for your breakfast, and your breakfast is a review, a podcast and more. Continue reading


His Stutter Step

A preview, an interview, a review, and a link. But don’t you want to get more specific than that? Continue reading


Fit The Print

A look into the heart of a man, a reminder of the death of criticism and some major hire for the Gray Lady. Continue reading


Blind To Passes

The comics made by contributors, a reminder that anti-vaxxers aren’t the only ones who don’t care about herd immunity, and a visit to the other House of Ideas. Continue reading


The Issue of Value

Free comics, the hopefully final word on the latest Neil Gaiman non-Sandman cash grab and a giant, glorious interview. It’s Thursday in Heaven! Continue reading


Tengo Hambre

It’s day two of Pitchfork scribes turning in comics reviews, and day one of a Kilgore take-over. Also, i’m molting. Continue reading


Philip Glass, Knife Collector

When two clowns go to the bathroom, hijinks ensue. Continue reading