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Houston, We Have A Dog

Today, it’s all about the benjamins, the benjamins produced by commerce. Continue reading


Happy Birthday Locust Star

Craig Thompson, a beer commercial, Universal FanCon, and a completely self-indulgent digression. Continue reading


These Halcyon Baes

Today it’s all about Germany: it’s like Austria, but a different place. Well, then there’s a review that has nothing to do with Germany, it’s about a super-hero. From America! Continue reading


The Shakespeare of Imagined Slights

Joe returns to us with the manga review you need, and in an interesting turn of events, the door locked behind him and now he can’t leave: the nightmare is over, and all is right again. Continue reading


Classic Telegram Humor

Today we celebrate a conclusion, we make our case for Zack Soto’s future, we pontificate on an industry. It’s Friday, and it’s all gonna be okay. Continue reading


The Wikipedia Page For HBO’s “Oz”

It’s Wednesday, so we found somebody to recommend the latest issue of Thanos for you. No, i’m not kidding! Continue reading


Know Your Enemy: Sodium

It’s Monday, the best day of the week. Get it started right with Alejandra, Anna & Rachel. And also a weird video about doubling your deadlines. Continue reading


Querulous Handiwork

While we can’t make every Thursday Eleanor Davis Day, this Thursday is Eleanor Davis Day, and if you don’t like it…well, i’m sure there’s a bus station in your crappy town. Make use of it, buster! Continue reading