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Boxer’s Fracture

It’s time to talk retail with Jenn Haines, unleash a new reviewer, and then take a delicate dive. Continue reading


The Reign Dancer

John P is here, as is Erik Larsen’s attempt at one-upping Dave Sim (go Erik!), as are your links. Continue reading


Reassessment of Virtuosity

Fiona Smyth is here, as is Ryan Heshka, and then there’s some reviews and links to boot. Thursday: it’s the day after Nine Inch Nails day! Continue reading


It’s Neither A Balm Nor A Gel

Today we’ve got an interview, a comic, and a review. And then we link to more things like that! And we all do it in honor of sweet Papa, sweet sweet Papa. Continue reading


Hi Jeet!

Today it’s Leonard, it’s Marc, it’s Jessica. And the Eisners! Continue reading


Houston, We Have A Dog

Today, it’s all about the benjamins, the benjamins produced by commerce. Continue reading


Happy Birthday Locust Star

Craig Thompson, a beer commercial, Universal FanCon, and a completely self-indulgent digression. Continue reading


These Halcyon Baes

Today it’s all about Germany: it’s like Austria, but a different place. Well, then there’s a review that has nothing to do with Germany, it’s about a super-hero. From America! Continue reading