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They Called Her Viking

It’s Michel Versus Chuck, Keith on memory, and the internet on everything else. Continue reading


Hats In Hamburg

Today we’ve got Brady, Fiona & Dakota. Those are all top tier first names! Continue reading


That Car’s Not On Fire, That Car’s My Dad

Peter from The Beguiling is here, Irene gears up for some Godhead action, and we talk abou the pluses and minuses of BookExpo. Continue reading


Children of the Korn

Start your week off right with Eli Valley, Shea Hennum & a reminder of the future in which you must now live. Continue reading


I Admire Its Purity

Today, Chuck and Max figure out the comics situation, Ben Sears takes the stage, the best profession gets its due. Continue reading


Seven American Brothers

Tuesday is Monday, so start your week off with some Alex Degen and some French colors. Continue reading


Joyce Carol’s Oatmeal

Today it’s Tegan on Los Bros, more evidence that the Greeks weren’t the only ones with mythology, and an embedded YouTube video! Continue reading


Her Satanic Hands

A double shot of Sabrina, a prying open of your Third Eye, pointless lines in the sand. Continue reading