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Keeping it brief on this day of changes. Continue reading


Bones Like Wax

Fine art, fusion art, and fool’s gold. Continue reading


Their Tragic Future

A new reviewer, an old robber baron, and a zombie statuette. Continue reading


The Sniveling Beings

Shawn Martinbrough, some Greg Land art, they published what? Continue reading


The Big Sleazy

Today we’re talking erotica with Niki Smith and whoa you clicked that really fast Continue reading


The Great Awakening

Today we’re talking about comics retail, in more ways than one. (Two.) Continue reading


Mommy & Daddy

Nick and Carta, keeping it quick: bias towards action, here on Monday. Continue reading


The Dogs of Slaughter

Today we’ve got a double shot of Conundrum Press for ya. And then we’ve got some links! Continue reading