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Joyce Carol’s Oatmeal

Today it’s Tegan on Los Bros, more evidence that the Greeks weren’t the only ones with mythology, and an embedded YouTube video! Continue reading


Her Satanic Hands

A double shot of Sabrina, a prying open of your Third Eye, pointless lines in the sand. Continue reading


Don’t You Bile, Tonight

It’s comic book day at the Comics Journal–bring ya kids! Actually wait maybe only big kids. Continue reading


The God Of Single Combat

Today Colleen explains trees, Nathan joins the team, and then, you know, it’s Venom time. Continue reading


Exhibiting or Characterized by Torpor

Tegan gets Metal, Deforge goes West and Marc-Oliver clicks the box marked “other”. It’s Friday, killer! Continue reading


Boxer’s Fracture

It’s time to talk retail with Jenn Haines, unleash a new reviewer, and then take a delicate dive. Continue reading


The Reign Dancer

John P is here, as is Erik Larsen’s attempt at one-upping Dave Sim (go Erik!), as are your links. Continue reading


Reassessment of Virtuosity

Fiona Smyth is here, as is Ryan Heshka, and then there’s some reviews and links to boot. Thursday: it’s the day after Nine Inch Nails day! Continue reading