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Travel Time

Jeff Trexler on everything Marvel v. Kirby, Joe McCulloch on the Week in Comics, and much more. Continue reading


Sell Your Brains

Tucker Stone, the emptiness of the internet, and links to read. Continue reading


Rewards Points

Matthias Wivel on Blain and Willem, Frank Santoro on artist-made-comics, and links galore. Continue reading


One Man War

R.C. Harvey on Stan Lynde, and lots of comics talk. Continue reading


Touching Up Iron Man

Joe McCulloch on the Week in Comics and a lifetime of off-putting reading material. Plus much else. Continue reading


A Wise Bird Making a Change

Richard Gehr interviews George Booth — and followups to all your favorite recent news stories. Continue reading


Color Blind

Frank Santoro goes deep, and DC gets several earfuls, among many other things. Continue reading


Beneath His Powdered Wig

Joe McCulloch gives you the Week in Comics, and I give you a week’s worth of links. Continue reading