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It Continues

Reviews of Bougie and Hanselmann, the Walt Kelly debate, and more. Continue reading



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Tomorrow Tomorrow

Danica Novgorodoff, Brandon Graham, and Captain America as Aristotle. Continue reading


Split Screen

AK Summers, Danica Novgorodoff, and more. Continue reading


Sore Throat

McCulloch on Jodorowsky and Danica Novgorodoff. Continue reading



Santoro on Chester Brown, Dawson on the meaning of the artistic life, and more. Continue reading



Joe McCulloch on this week’s comics, and Mike Dawson on leaving the house. Continue reading


Come On

Today, Daniel Kalder is here with a review of Nicolas de Crécy and Alexios Tjoyas’s Foligatto. A sample: The story is set in the city of Eccenihilo, which my half-remembered Latin classes of long ago lead me to roughly translate … Continue reading