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Five Flags

Joe McCulloch on the Week in Comics, plus links. Continue reading



Paul Tumey at Short Run, and a 1989 interview with Bill Watterson. Plus commentary. Continue reading


Dere’s Only One Way to Quit Dis Gang

R.C. Harvey on Marty Links, and lots of news. Continue reading


Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Al Plastino, legal matters, the end of PictureBox publishing, and much more. Continue reading



Joe McCulloch on the Week in Comics, reviews of minicomics by Rob Kirby and Golden Age propaganda by Paul Buhle, and more. Continue reading


Where Does It Hurt?

Dan Nadel on the Art Spiegelman show, and links on Siegel & Shuster, Billy Ireland, a comics survey, and one million interviews. Continue reading


No, Seven

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library opens, Ken Parille talks comics talk, and much more. Continue reading


Song & Dance

Comics in Mumbai, and more news & reviews than you can read. Continue reading