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You Lot Won’t Know What to Do

Feiffer, Feiffer, Feiffer, Eleanor Davis, Frank Miller, Charles Burns, et cetera. Continue reading


Wring Your Hands All You Want

Collins talks to Meghan Turbitt, and various links about the comics issues of the day. Continue reading


Total Stranger

Joe McCulloch on Leiji Matsumoto and much more. Continue reading


Theater of the Mind

A new columnist, and many things to ponder. Continue reading


The Sheep Look Up

Brian Evenson on Chester Brown, and many links to read. Continue reading


On and On Coeurl Prowled!

Esther Pearl Watson, and the news. Continue reading


Dance to the Go-Go’s and Bow Wow Wow

Whit Taylor goes to Baltimore, Greg Hunter experiences the Holdens, and much more. Continue reading


Never Enough

Jeet Heer on Nick Maandag, and lots more. Continue reading