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Professor Crocodile

The return of TCJ Talkies, and more. Continue reading


Kilroys Were Here

Joe McCulloch and the news Continue reading


Swiss Bank Account

Roy Doty and Eric Haven. Continue reading


A Lot of Tomorrows

McCloud on the spot. Colwell under review. Continue reading


Shelving Situation

Today on the site, we bring you a John Kelly report on the new Society of Illustrators “Alt-Weekly Comics” show. Here’s a bit from the piece: By appearing in the alt-weeklies, several generations of talented cartoonists gained access to audiences … Continue reading


Humpty Dumpty

Émilie Gleason, Gina Wynbrandt, Steve Lafler, etc. Continue reading



Joe McCulloch on Berliac, and Greg Hunter on Howard the Duck, and others on others. Continue reading


Wolf Ticket

Michael Gross, and lots to read. Continue reading