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For Real This Time

Shuddering wheezingly back to life, time waits for no one, and Joe McCulloch is here with his weekly guide to the best-sounding new comics available in stores. Devoted readers of the comics form will know what to do. Meanwhile, elsewhere, … Continue reading


Once More

Whit Taylor on conventions, and many links. Continue reading



Jula Gfrörer on Ben Duncan, Lala Albert, and Ward Zwart; Victor Moscoso ca. 1972; and much more. Continue reading


Between the Panels

The Week in Comics, and a week’s worth of links. Continue reading


Slow Improvement

People sure like to talk. Continue reading


Office Party

Dog strips and Dell Comics Continue reading


Gone Hollywood

Today, we have two new reviews for you. First, Hazel Cills writes about Inés Estrada’s Sindicalismo 89, a short comic documenting the lives of the residents of an apartment complex in Mexico City: The story focuses on three very different … Continue reading



Frank Santoro in Cleveland, Thanksgiving with Simon Hanselmann, Lala Albert’s liquid Janus, and Joe Casey & Piotr Kowalski’s erotic superheroes. Continue reading