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Forward to the Past

What’s the deal with FU? Michael Cho’s Shoplifter. And much more. Continue reading


An Experiment with Time

Paul Tumey on V.T. Hamlin, and much more. Continue reading



Simon Hanselmann speaks. And more. Continue reading


If I Was the Pope

Matthias Wivel on Yvan Alagbé, and more. Continue reading



Eleanor Davis, Renee French, Jack Kirby. Continue reading


Generational Divide

Eleanor Davis, the zine/comics connection, and more. Continue reading


You Lot Won’t Know What to Do

Feiffer, Feiffer, Feiffer, Eleanor Davis, Frank Miller, Charles Burns, et cetera. Continue reading


Wring Your Hands All You Want

Collins talks to Meghan Turbitt, and various links about the comics issues of the day. Continue reading