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When All Else Fails

Updates in the archives, and lots of news. Continue reading


Monday Monday

Lynx. Continue reading


The Sense That There Are Invisible Forces

Shuffle mode. Continue reading


My Dinner without Andre

It is easy to pick a side in the long-running debate between Garfield Minus Garfield and the original Silent Garfield. Continue reading

Movie news!


Bringing you the least important of entertainment news since early March. Continue reading

Lynd Ward

Question Time

STRANDICON! And links, lots of ‘em. Continue reading

Only a matter of time.

New Rules

There is probably no way of avoiding annoying or useless comments altogether, but maybe putting a few policies into writing can help a bit with our signal-to-noise ratio. Continue reading

Superman needs a drink.

The Man o’ Steel’s Hawaiian Vacation

A little cinematic/literary/comic-book mystery. Continue reading