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Roy G. Biv

Anders Nilsen and links Continue reading


I Am Not an Animal

R.C. Harvey, Sam Henderson, and more. Continue reading


Future Hazy

Joe McCulloch, Sam Henderson, and cartoonists in danger Continue reading


Please Proceed

Queers & Comics, et cetera. Continue reading


The Maze

Buhle on Battle Lines, and links. Continue reading


Preparing the Contracts

Paul Karasik on Harvey Kurtzman, Oliveros steps down, et cetera. Continue reading


And So On

We have two Rob Clough reviews for you this morning. First, he writes about a collection of Eric Orner’s Completely Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green: Getting [this] published in one volume is an important step to building continuity in the … Continue reading


Run from Love

It’s Tuesday, and Joe McCulloch is here to prep you for the Week in Comics, and also to tell you about his experiences at this past weekend’s Free Comic Book Day: “So what do you think of Convergence?” “It’s a … Continue reading