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Welcome Back

Another year, another week in comics. Continue reading


Choppy Waters

Eddie Campbell on George Herriman, and Fantagraphics takes on the world. Continue reading


Impossible Dream

Luke Howard and more. Continue reading


It’s in the Headline

Greg Hunter is here today with his latest episode of Comic Book Decalogue, in which he talks to Eddie Campbell (Alec, Bacchus, From Hell) about the March trilogy, the early sports-page cartoonists, and much more. Meanwhile, elsewhere: —News. The Angouleme festival has … Continue reading


Don’t Interfere

When Fantagraphics first started publishing comics, plus many excellent links. Continue reading


I Drink Your Milkshake

French Mickey Mouse and more. Continue reading



Tommi Parrish and more. Continue reading


Getting Through

Joe McCulloch and more. Continue reading