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A panel from Wally Gropius.

“I Mean, Why Did I Like That?”: The Tim Hensley Interview (Part One)

A career-spanning interview with the one-of-a-kind cartoonist behind Wally Gropius and Ticket Stub, in which he discusses Neil Diamond, closed-caption video, performing music in Los Angeles, the ethics of disabilities-related art, and meeting Daniel Clowes. Continue reading


Situation Normal

Tim Hensley, Angoulême, and more. Continue reading


Upset Feelings Everywhere

Rob Clough on DICE, and more. Continue reading



Ken Parille on Abner Dean, Rob Kirby on Charles Forsman, and more. Continue reading


Writing on the Wall

Captain America, Morrie Turner, and more. Continue reading


What Troubles

Joe McCulloch helps you shop, plus Herblock, Moore, and more. Continue reading


Smug Complacency

Rob Clough on Renee French, and more. Continue reading


Lots of Snow on the Ground

Your day stuck indoors in front of a computer reading about comics is all planned out here. Continue reading