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Dave Sim Responds to Expressed Publishing Interest from Fantagraphics

“As President Kennedy said, ‘Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us also never fear to negotiate.’ Let’s do so publicly. Completely publicly.” The self-publishing pioneer behind Cerebus and glamoupuss ponders his career options. Continue reading


A Few Innocuously Drawn Charred Limbs

Good times. Continue reading


The Build Up

More great links than you’ve ever seen before. Continue reading


Oh Boy

Joshua Glenn on Gary Panter, John Porcellino on the road, Frank Santoro on new talent, and Harveys, 3D comics, Elfquest, & more… Continue reading


Need More

Zettwoch, Williams, and the law. Continue reading


Welcome Back

Comics. Continue reading


A Case of the Labor Daze

Waiting for Tucker, saying goodbye to MariNaomi, and taking Rob Clough at his word. Continue reading



Fiore on Batman, MariNaomi on a boat, and the internet on comics. Continue reading