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Survival Tactics

More Sendak, Tucker ‘n’ Abhay, Dash Shaw talks cat art, and much more. Continue reading


Back from the Swamp

Remembering Sendak. Continue reading


Too Many to Count

Too much to read and see. Continue reading



Read this. Continue reading



Kirby, Hatfield, Golgo 13, and Marra—plus a store that’s taking a stand. Continue reading


That’s a Wrap

Stone, Clough, and the comics internet. Continue reading


Two Thousand Twelve

Roberson, Deitch & Pekar, health crises, Josep Maria Berenguer RIP, and more. Continue reading


“This Has Been Building”: An Interview with Chris Roberson

Last week, after the iZombie co-creator announced via Twitter that he could no longer work for DC, due primarily to moral reasons, the company quickly fired him. Roberson talks with us about what happened, his relationship with DC, and the ethics of the comics industry. Continue reading