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The Windup

Groth on Eisner/Miller, Kevin Huizenga on process, and cartoonists on sex. Continue reading


Surviving the Season

How comics shops survive, Jerry Robinson video, Jim Woodring, Al Jaffee, and much more. Continue reading


A Day on the Linking Streets

Old Richard Marschall books, new Gene Deitch memoirs, Peter Blegvad’s radio play, J.W. Taylor, Skippy, BCGF, best of 2011 lists, and more. Continue reading



BCGF reports, Shannon Wheeler, interviews, and Al Jaffee. Continue reading


A Glass House & a Pile of Rocks

How to make friends the day before a big convention where you’ll probably see almost everybody you write about. Continue reading


The Not-So-Great Game

We got a nice one for you today. Continue reading


Talking Turkey

We’re back, with stories about cartoonists. Continue reading



More links than you can click. Continue reading