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Kinda Nuts

The return of Richard Gehr—& news of the day. Continue reading


Rough Numbers

Count them up. Continue reading


And Another One Gone

Anarchy, Gamboa, CBG, and Tokyopop. Continue reading


Look It Up

Cleaning up the final bits of 2012. Continue reading


Shiny & New

Making confident strides into a bright future. Continue reading


The End of the World Again, and It Can’t Come Too Soon

It’s cold outside. Continue reading


“What We Accept as Real”: A Tom Kaczynski Interview

The cartoonist and publisher of Uncivilized Books talks about starting his own publishing company, advertising, his interest in fake history, politics, and why he draws so many faces in his sketchbooks. Continue reading


Winding Down

The comics-related art of Jess, and the end of the year blues. Continue reading