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Tobe Johnson’s Letter to Larry Marder

A letter sent to CBLDF President Larry Marder detailing Charles Brownstein’s alleged behavior towards Cheyenne Allott during her employment at the CBLDF. Continue reading


CBLDF Board President Christina Merkler Responds To Questions From TCJ

CBLDF Board President Christina Merkler’s full responses to TCJ’s questions regarding Charles Brownstein in 2020. Continue reading


Cheyenne Allot’s Non-Disclosure Agreement With The CBLDF

The full text of Cheyenne Allot’s Non-Disclosure Agreement with the CBLDF. Continue reading


Rationality and Relevance: Dennis O’Neil

This interview was conducted in 1978 and 1980 and released in full form in The Comic Journal #66 (September 1981). Among the many topics they cover, young Gary Groth and Mike Catron ask Denny O’Neil about the potential for the art form – specifically, beyond the mass audience and the superhero genre – and talk about a promising new writer O’Neil is editing, Frank Miller. Continue reading


A Denny O’Neil and Matt Fraction Conversation

This conversation from The Comics Journal #300 (November 2009) is a snapshot of a moment just before smartphones became ubiquitous and before the MCU/Batman/superhero movies would glut cinemas. Matt Fraction and Denny O’Neil compare and contrast their experiences writing for characters such as Iron Man and Batman, share tips on craft and more. Continue reading


Excerpt: A Gift For A Ghost

Check out a 6 page excerpt from Borja González’s A Gift For A Ghost, published by Selfmadehero! Continue reading


Excerpt: I Think He’s Crazy

Check out a 10 page excerpt from the Fantagraphics collection of B.K. Taylor’s comics, I Think He’s Crazy, and ask yourself: do you agree? Continue reading


The New Dynamics: Anarchy in the DM

Twenty-five years ago, DC Comics signed with Diamond Distributors. Eric Reynolds reported on a leaked memo. Continue reading