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Bill Schelly Tributes

Bill Schelly’s collaborators, compatriots and friends describe what it was like working with him, reading with him, and sharing his friendship. Continue reading


Excerpt: Rat Time

Check out an 11 page excerpt from Keiler Roberts Rat Time, coming this fall from Koyama Press! Continue reading


Excerpt: Internet Crusader

Check out a 15 page excerpt from George Wylesol’s Internet Crusader, coming this fall from Avery Hill! Continue reading


Excerpt: The Backstage Of A Dishwashing Webshow

Check out a 17 page excerpt from Keren Katz’ The Backstage of a Dishwashing Webshow, coming this fall from Secret Acres. Continue reading


Robin McConnell On The Future of Inkstuds

Robin McConnell, the longtime host of Inkstuds, recently posted a series of tweets regarding the future of the project, and we reached out for clarification. Continue reading


Excerpt: Trust Album

Thanks to Przemysław Trusciński, we’re pleased to share this excerpt from his Trust: Album. To find out more, take a look at Michal Chudoliński’s interview with him, published last week.


Excerpt: Rust Belt

Check out a twenty-page excerpt from Sean Knickerbocker’s Rust Belt, released this week from Secret Acres. Continue reading


A Clyde Fans Roundtable

Seven comics scholars and Seth experts discuss the long-awaited, twenty-years-in-the-making complete collection of Seth’s Clyde Fans. Continue reading