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Joe Sinnott: 1926-2020

The legendary inker, who helped define the look of many of Marvel’s most influential comics, has passed away. Continue reading


Denny O’Neil: 1939 – 2020

The influential writer and beloved editor passed away, leaving a super-hero industry forever changed behind him. Continue reading


Martin Pasko: 1954-2020

A look at the recently deceased comics writer, who found his way from the letters column to the creators table. Continue reading


Mort Drucker: 1929-2020

A long look back at the life of the legendary cartoonist, whose endlessly recognizable work will outlast us all. Continue reading


Hy Fleishman: 1927-2020

1950’s cartoonist Herman “Hy” Fleishman has passed away. Continue reading


Russ Cochran: 1937-2020

The well known publisher and comics collector has passed away. Steve Ringgenberg takes a look at his history making sure the world always had access to some of the most influential American comics. Continue reading


Nick Cuti 1944-2020

A look back at the life of the prolific comics creator, editor and animator, who passed away last week. Continue reading


Ernie Colón: July 13, 1931 – August 8, 2019

Ringgenberg remembers Ernie Colón, an artist who worked in virtually every comics genre but is best known for his work on Harvey characters such as Richie Rich and his nonfiction “documentary style” graphic works. Continue reading