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Nicholas catches up with Nico Rodríguez about how things have been at Fatbottom, the popular Barcelona comic shop in the wake of Spain’s response to the spread of COVID-19. Continue reading



Nicholas Burman visits Amsterdam’s legendary comic shop Lambiek for a bit of their history, as well as their prescription for handling their COVID-19 influenced present. Continue reading


Adopt to Resist: When Comics Embrace Internet Aesthetics

The internet is where so many of us live, and it’s a world with its own aesthetics, language and texture. What happens when those begin to bubble up in comics? Nicholas has a theory for just that question! Continue reading


Setting An Antitype

An exploration of risograph printing inspired by a visit to Amsterdam’s AGA LAB. Continue reading


Re-Writing the Revolution: In Conversation with Jesús Cossio and Carla Sagástegui

The Peruvian duo discuss their latest work, Ya nadie te sacará de tu tierra, and the role of comics in political discourse. Continue reading


“The Paper Was The Place Where We Could Play”: An Interview With Simon Grennan

Dr. Simon Grennan talks with Nicholas Burman about his work in comics, and how that work drew him and his collaborators to the work of graphic medicine, exemplified in the recent publication “Parables of Care”. Continue reading


“I Call It Education By Stealth!” An Interview with Mary Talbot

Mary Talbot speaks to Nicholas Burman about her multiple graphic novels with Bryan Talbot in advance of their next collaboration, the climate change inspired Rain. Continue reading