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Nathan Gelgud: Day Five

In Nathan’s final installment of his Cartoonist’s Diary, he’s trying to make his way through his past, ours; the thoughts that haunt him, the stories he remembers. It’s the only option. Continue reading


Nathan Gelgud: Day Four

Today, Nathan is grappling with the loss of more freelance work, and his own struggles with the “right” way to feel, the best reaction, the next step to take. Continue reading


Nathan Gelgud: Day Three

As work begins to dry up, Nathan finds himself with some time for reading: but you’re never going to guess what subject haunts his trip to the history section. Continue reading


Nathan Gelgud: Day Two

In today’s installment of Nathan’s Diary, the pandemic is creeping its way into one of the most simple pleasures that Nathan has left: tunes! Continue reading


Nathan Gelgud: Day One

A new Cartoonist’s Diary begins, with Nathan Gelgud grappling with the all new challenges inherent in something as simple as going to the grocery store. Continue reading