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If These Walls Could Talk, They’d Probably Still Ignore Me (This Week’s Links)

If you’re starting your Friday off with anything other than the Ryan Flanders Rundown, then you’re just asking for trouble. Nothing sheds those Thetans faster than ten pounds of comics links packed into a five pound bag–why, just ask my main man Bart Sears! Continue reading


As Far as I Can See the Limelight Stays On (This Week’s Links)

Look at the screen. That is William Blake’s The Great Red Dragon and The Woman Clothed with the Sun. That is Gary Larson’s Cow Tools.

Do you see? Do you see what Ryan Flanders and his links has wrought? Continue reading


Without Even a Single Slice of Pizza to My Name (This Week’s Links)

The last time a Russian Minister tried to mess around with America’s favorite fictional characters, Jack Bauer got super frustrated. I’m just saying! Ryan Flanders has all the details, and many more, in his weekly news round-up! Continue reading


Let’s Play Freeze Tag with Ice Picks (This Week’s Links)

This week, Ryan finally acknowledges Newsarama and Spawn, thus completing what is known as Satan’s “Final Phase”. Kevin Sorbo, save us all! Continue reading


Deeper Than the Seafloor Traveled by the Mantis (This Week’s Links)

Beep beep! That’s the sound of a truck backing up, as Ryan Flanders does some reorganization to his look at this week’s comics noise and news! Beep beep, I say! Continue reading


I’m the Foot but Who’s Stepping (This Week’s Links)

In this week’s column, Ryan experiments with youth-related meme behavior to punctuate his links, and the end result is about as middle-aged as that description implies. Hail Satan? Continue reading


Forfeit the Scrimmage (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s here with your week in news, your week in links. Let him trawl social media for you, so that you may focus on what matters: being extremely, extremely angry. Continue reading


Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault (This Week’s Links)

The week that was, the comics it saw, via Mister Ryan Flanders! Continue reading