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Kick Off My Shoes, and Swim Good (This Week’s Links)

Ryan Flanders goes hard into social media this week, with a level of links not often seen outside of an aggregation machine. Get ready for art, friend. Continue reading


Pick a B.C. Date ‘Cause You’re History (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s 2020 continues to take off like a rocket. Can he link to it all? There’s only one way to find out, friend. Continue reading


Underneath the Skin of the Grapevines (This Week’s Links)

Welcome to 2020, and welcome the links that lay before the perfect vision of Ryan Flanders. Let’s hear it for the lefties! Continue reading


Like the Cro-Mags with Chrome Mags (This Week’s Links)

It’s your last installment of Your Friday Flanders of 2019! What comics news, comics blues and comics reviews will make this week’s installment? Time to find out! Continue reading


My Agenda’s Got A Different Twirl (This Week’s Links)

The sands of time may fall through the webbings of your fingers, but the sands of comics news won’t…for Ryan Flanders, who has hands similar to the feet of an American duck, allowing the granules of comics news to stick, for future linking. That future is now! Continue reading


Nobody’s Muse (This Week’s Links)

Here’s thirty items to peruse on your way to the airport. Which one of them will reveal Ryan’s lust for Friday The 13th related humor? Continue reading


Which One of These Words Don’t You Understand? (This Week’s Links)

Allow the dark to wrap around you: Ryan Flanders has the comics links that will sustain. The engine? Ignition! Continue reading


Delicate Hearts, Diabolical Minds (This Week’s Links)

While the food you’re eating may be leftovers, today’s links are fresh and piping hot: let Ryan Flanders serve you up a slathering heap! Continue reading