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Strictly Business (Flanders’ Last Links)

“I thought we’d get to see forever”, I said, “But forever’s gone away,” Ryan responded. “I don’t know where this road is going is going to lead. All I know is where we’ve been. And what we’ve been through!” Continue reading


Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine Thou Short of a Mill (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s got a contest for you–close readers will not only find themselves champions, but will come away informed….about all the comics news! Continue reading


Caught You Looking for the Same Thing (This Week’s Links)

The latest updates in comics news, comics blues, and comics moves: need to know what’s going on with Hollywood Chuck? Ryan has you covered! Continue reading


Simple Words Just Don’t Move Me (This Week’s Links)

Ryan went to the mattresses this week…but not to hide from the New York boys! Now, he went to the mattresses, pulled them up, found the comics news, and returned in style. It’s linking time! Continue reading


There’s Always a Certain Kind of Risk to Take (This Week’s Links)

Opening and closing with posters, this week’s installment of The Ryan Flanders Show sees our trusty explorer linking up a romantic storm. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Continue reading


I Can’t Wear My Hat in Here? (This Week’s Links)

France is dolling out the plaudits, Ryan is doling out the links. February’s comics news is in full swing! Continue reading


Fake Bonanza (This Week’s Links)

Ryan is so plugged into comics this week that you’ll swear the back of his skull has giant cables hanging out of it, and those cables are hooked up to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Specifically, the Unknown Soldier as depicted by Garth Ennis and Kilian Plunkett in the 1997 Vertigo mini-series of the same name! Continue reading


Had to Wait a While but the While Has Been Waited (This Week’s Links)

This week, Ryan asks the question that only needles can answer: get ready to hustle to the outskirts of town, True Believer! Continue reading