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Forfeit the Scrimmage (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s here with your week in news, your week in links. Let him trawl social media for you, so that you may focus on what matters: being extremely, extremely angry. Continue reading


Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault (This Week’s Links)

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Feeling Like a Vigilante or a Missionary (This Week’s Links)

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You Build Walls, We’re Gonna Probably Dig Holes (This Week’s Links)

Comics news and happenings from Ryan Flanders. Just imagine he has one of those hats, and that he’s about to sing. Continue reading


An Unusual Gang of Idiots: The Joy of Working at MAD Magazine Past Its Heyday

Ryan Flanders looks back at what it meant and what he learned during the 17 years he spent at the house that Alfred E Neuman built. Continue reading