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Which One of These Words Don’t You Understand? (This Week’s Links)

Allow the dark to wrap around you: Ryan Flanders has the comics links that will sustain. The engine? Ignition! Continue reading


Delicate Hearts, Diabolical Minds (This Week’s Links)

While the food you’re eating may be leftovers, today’s links are fresh and piping hot: let Ryan Flanders serve you up a slathering heap! Continue reading


Hard to Get a Handle on This Double Edged Sword (This Week’s Links)

This week, Ryan dances between the raindrops and finds enough non-Alan Moore-doesn’t-fave-my-tweets comics news to keep things moving right on through the weekend. Continue reading


Go, Look (This Week’s Links)

Ryan’s here to catch you up on this week’s comics news, reviews, interviews and more! Continue reading


The Most Healthy Behavior Is to Stay in the Clear (This Week’s Links)

Allow Flanders to cut through the chaff, to slice the wheat, to provide you the gluten that will cause your comics story to rise: it’s time for all the news, reviews and interviews you’ll need to make it through another week! Continue reading


Why Y’all Stuck on Laffy Taffy? (This Week’s Links)

In this week’s links, Ryan Flanders bemoans the Brooklyn youth of today; not their politics, not their art, not their choice of chain restaurants…but their lack of interest in Halloween costumes related to Russell Myers Broom-Hilda character. Continue reading


Running on Fumes, Walking on Coals (This Week’s Links)

While the big news in comics is here, of course, the real announcement rests right at the top, where Ryan goes knucklebone deep into his own personal development. Shirts and pants. Shirts and pants! Continue reading


Never Fight a Man with a Perm (This Week’s Links)

Never start your weekend without Ryan Flanders and his links. Never! If you start your weekend without Ryan’s links oh no I will be so terribly upset. That was my soup! I threw that soup at the wall because you just didn’t care enough! Continue reading