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Julia Wertz

An interview with the creator of Drinking at the Movies and Fart Party. Continue reading


Kurt Wolfgang

This episode’s guest: Kurt Wolfgang, the creator behind Nothing Eve, Where Hats Go, and Pinokio. Continue reading


Alex Robinson & Ten Years of Box Office Poison

A conversation with the cartoonist and podcaster Alex Robinson, recorded at SPX 2011 in Bethesda, Maryland. Continue reading


Tom Kaczynski

Publisher and cartoonist Tom Kaczynski is the guest in the TCJ Talkie Hutt this week. Continue reading


Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt, creator of I Want You, talks about comics, performance, and drawing at parties. Continue reading


Nick Abadzis

Mike talks with the creator of LAIKA and Hugo Tate. Continue reading


Jason Lutes

The author of Berlin and Jar of Fools enters the studio. Continue reading


Bob Fingerman

In this episode, Mike speaks to the creator of Minimum Wage. Continue reading