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Joe Coleman on Fine Art, Comics, and Charles Manson

In this installment of the Fine Arts and Cartoonists discussion series, Joe Coleman talks about the emotional roots of his work, ranging from Hieronymous Bosch to ’50s schlock cinema. Continue reading


Marc Bell on Comics, Fine Art, Aztecs and The Simpsons

Bell talks about how the art of today may not be considered the art of tomorrow, art meant for reproduction as an artifact, and more. Continue reading


Robert Williams on the Seeds of Modern Art, Mona Lisa’s Mustache, the Trouble with Lichtenstein, and How to Succeed in the Business of Fine Art

Michael Dooley interviews artist Robert Williams, and they discuss the history of Dadaism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and beyond. Continue reading


Esther Pearl Watson on Comics, Fine Arts, Theory, and Pink Flying Saucers

In this follow-up, Watson talks about the comics grid, Duchamp, Lynda Barry, and more. Continue reading


Fine Art and Cartoonists Roundtable

In this unpublished conversation from 2012, Michael Dooley sits down with artists Marc Bell, Joe Coleman, Esther Pearl Watson, and Robert Williams to discuss the place and value of comics in the realm of fine arts. Continue reading