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Trondheim on the Angoulême Grand Prix

The outspoken cartoonist (and former Grand Prix winner) addresses controversies surrounding the festival’s most prestigious award. Continue reading


Institution and Individual

The winners in the main categories at this year’s Angoulême festival raise interesting questions about French cartooning and satire. Continue reading


Stop Making Sense!

That grubby minicomic you grabbed off the bar, or found plugging the vent in the convention hall bathroom, which made no sense to you at the time, and probably makes even less now, was likely signed Dongery. Continue reading


The Power of Galactus

Eurocomics legend Fabrice Neaud abandons the autobiographical form … to emulate John Byrne?! Continue reading


Angoulême 2012: Aftermath

One of the best festivals of the past decade. Of course, some problems persist. Continue reading


Angoulême 2012: Saturday

The most eloquently curated comics show I’ve seen since the fantastic Masters of European Comics in 2001. Continue reading


Angoulême 2012: Friday

The Art Spiegelman retrospective in the Castro building is amazing. Continue reading


A House Divided – The Crisis at L’Association (Part 2 of 2)

The conclusion to the behind-the-scenes story of one of France’s most important publishers, from the well-publicized strike earlier this year to the departure of de facto director Jean-Christophe Menu. Continue reading