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L. Nichols: Day Five

Is it acceptable to travel to Santa Cruz and not visit T&C Surf Design? One family will take this challenge, in today’s final L. Nichols Family Vacation Saga. Continue reading


L. Nichols: Day Four

While you gotta know when to hold ’em, you’re not going to make it very far if you don’t, wait for it, know when to fold them. L. Nichols: camping with the right philosophy. Continue reading


L. Nichols: Day Three

If you have to fly cross country with little kids for a wedding, the least the wedding can do is have the decency to take the place in Monterey, ya feel me? Continue reading


L. Nichols: Day Two

You may get a plane ride, but that doesn’t mean there is a free pass when puppets enter the picture. L. Nichols: we do what we can. Continue reading


L Nichols: Day One

There is no more challenging roll of the dice than putting kids on a plane. L Nichols isn’t keeping score, but if he was: get that gold medal ready. Continue reading