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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/8/15 – In the Wild)

Comics, for all their faults, will never literally bite. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/1/15 – Hi Dad, Happy Birthday, I’m in Comics)

The Upcoming Past. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/24/15 – Never Cool)

Continuing the mysteries of old things. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/17/15 – Every Puzzle, Every Solution)

I’ve been trying to solve the mystery of comics… it’s kept me up all night… can’t a true gentleman stop and help? Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/10/15 – Forever Floppies)

Hope you’re wearing generous pants, ’cause there’s plenty to roll up in your pockets! Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/3/15 – Conflict of Interest Deluge)

But if I don’t… who will? Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/27/15 – Another Holiday Bumper)

New, old, drawn, live – comics has it all, and we have all the comics. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (5/20/15 – somebody save us please)

Wow! Another big week of great comics! Let’s dive right in! Continue reading