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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/20/16 – Return to Dream Land)

Hope to see you in San Diego! I mean, sometime in the future. I’m not going this week, fuck that. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/13/16 – Invisible Monsters)

The whole world is watching. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (7/6/16 – Tiny New Bites)

Just a few morsels for us to chew. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/29/16 – Carnivalesque)

The no-liberation zone. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/22/16 – Mighty No. ’98)

Dedicated to you. Our future pioneers… Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/15/16 – Machine Shop)

This time, I shall preserve the margins of the front page with mechanical precision. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/8/16 – Verdammtendämmerung)

As above, so below: Hellboy is all about love. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (6/1/16 – Hee Haw)

Don’t ask me why there’s so many jokes this week. I went to three Memorial Day parties, so maybe I’m Fun. Continue reading