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THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/30/16 – A Haunting and Eloquent Line)

Capturing the main thrust in an exhausted post-holiday week. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/23/16 – Exactly What We Had Feared Would Happen Since Day 1)

Gather round, fam – it’s about to get sophisticated. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/16/16 – America Destroyed by Design)

Your father, the Devil. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/9/16 – Celebrating Election Fever!)

As always, we are here to aid you on which candidates to select. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (11/2/16 – Saints & Souls)

Fattened with cocoa and covered in egg, here we go again. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/26/16 – All of Us)

I’m upset that kids were trick or treating last weekend. What the hell?! Continue reading


Jack T. Chick, 1924-2016

Jack Thomas Chick, the prolific writer, artist and publisher of religious literature, most notably an extensive line of small cartoon tracts, died in his sleep on Sunday, October 23, 2016. He was 92. Continue reading


THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (10/19/16 – One Acronym Behind)

A vision of a finer Direct Market, filled with odd stapled objects and tricky continuing entertainments. Continue reading