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Glynnis Fawkes: Day Five

Yurts are referenced, spikes get placed on shoes, unusual and exciting freelance gigs wait around the corner. Say goodbye to Glynnis Fawkes: she was here all week! Continue reading


Glynnis Fawkes: Day Four

The jokes take a pause for the day, and conversations take their turn towards the ugliness of Getting and Spending. Glynnis Fawkes, and it’s a Thursday. Continue reading


Glynnis Fawkes: Day Three

The definition of glass half full is worrying about an axe murderer, but then realizing: maybe they’ll deal with the rodent issues on their way up to get me. Glynnis Fawkes: telling truths. Continue reading


Glynnis Fawkes: Day Two

There’s one surefire antidote for the poison of bureaucratic language, and it’s at hand for us all, every minute of the day. Glynnis Fawkes: Day Two! Continue reading


Glynnis Fawkes: Day One

You may think you’ve heard every excuse children use to get out of going to school, but something tells me that the one the Fawkes kids pulled off is gonna prove you wrong. Continue reading