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Jeffrey Catherine Jones, 1944-2011

We’ve just learned that painter and cartoonist Jeffrey Jones has passed away. Continue reading


Twittering Away the Day

Tweets and “real” content. Continue reading

Ben Casey Cooks by Neal Adams

And He Cooks, Too!

Cooking tips from the pros. Continue reading

Masters of Psychedelic Art, 1965 - 1974 - click for larger image

Take a Trip to the Past

And use the word “Zap” appropriately, just this once! Continue reading


Photo Bungling

Chester Brown and Don Heck: A panel discussion I would’ve liked to have seen. Continue reading

Giants of the North - Hall of Fame

Paid in Full

It’s Chester Brown Week at TCJ! Expect excellent coverage and some bad puns. Continue reading


Dapper Dan’s SuperMovies Column

Because no one asked for it! No links, just “film.” Continue reading


Easy Week

It’s a slow week, at least until Friday, which sort of counts. Continue reading