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I Fought Through

Just in time for the taxman… Continue reading

Mort Meskin, Action Comics 83

Over the Hump

But not without a few bumps, and so we present a fine document of modern scholarship. Continue reading


Hey Look, It’s R. Crumb!

It’s Wednesday already? All this non-blogging has exhausted me. Continue reading


Short and To the Point, Man.

Real Estate Deals, Jobless reports. It’s the economy, stupid! Continue reading


Last Night on Gossip Girl…

TV, Old West, More. Continue reading


Artistic Modern Funnies: Ben Jones’ Problem Solverz

The ideas and visuals that Ben Jones has developed and celebrated over the last 15 years are suddenly, amazingly, going to be shown to millions of people. A very biased interview. Continue reading


Contracts, Contacts, Comments

Some history, some baseball, some Brandon. Continue reading

Jim Nutt Roam

Maximum Meat Flavor For Minimum Money

Quick trip to Windy City devolves into carnivorous food orgy. Continue reading