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McKay chalk talking 2

Like, Sick Sick Sick?

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Youthful Pages

All U.K. edition. Continue reading


Some Thoughts on David Mazzucchelli’s Daredevil: Born Again Artist’s Edition

Looking at the drawings for Born Again, thinking about what they are, what they indicate, and how Mazzucchelli drew one of the last great superhero comics. Continue reading

ernie bushmiller 1972

No Xomics

Art! Twitter! Nudity! Continue reading


Choking Hazard

Thompson, Toppi, Kirby. Continue reading


Chasing Waterfalls

Manga heaven, formal invention and more stuff. Continue reading


It’s a Riot

Harry Harrison, Ron Rege, autobio and more. Continue reading

Milt Gross Rube Goldberg style invention 1


More on Kubert, Ignatzes, and more. Continue reading