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Artistic Modern Funnies: Ben Jones’ Problem Solverz

The ideas and visuals that Ben Jones has developed and celebrated over the last 15 years are suddenly, amazingly, going to be shown to millions of people. A very biased interview. Continue reading


Contracts, Contacts, Comments

Some history, some baseball, some Brandon. Continue reading

Jim Nutt Roam

Maximum Meat Flavor For Minimum Money

Quick trip to Windy City devolves into carnivorous food orgy. Continue reading


Monday Madness

Uploads, announcements, commentary and, uh, links. Continue reading


On Top of Blueberry Hill

When in St. Louis, always go find comics. Continue reading

Robert Weaver at Wash U

The Day After

Meet me in St. Louis! And links. Continue reading

Russ Heath

Live from Little Torch Key

The meaning of the term “Comics!”. Also: Prostitution. Continue reading

Spidey Jams with George

Spidey in Trouble?

News for TCJ subscribers, links, photos and other notes from vacation land. Continue reading