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They Want Names

Tom Neely, The Death Ray, Friedman & Davis, Chippendale, and Robinson. A full house. Continue reading


Wrestling Fans

Jerry Robinson, RIP; Wrestling; Dr. Who. Basically an old school comic-con. Continue reading


Won’t See the Likes…

Jerry Robinson passes away; comic book companies are almost as disfunctional as when he began; Shannon Wheeler ends his run. Continue reading


Leave Them Wanting

Reviews, photo reports, and Continue reading


Put Your Head on the Table

Mythic sightings, two pictures of Tim, and so much more. Continue reading

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Escaping Chilliwack

Things coming out, tripping across Canada… Continue reading


The Truth About Archie Bunker’s Chair: An Interview with Marc Bell

Discussed: Doodles, comics, “the ’90s”, Shrimpy and Paul, the importance of layers, poverty, and inspiration. Continue reading


It’s Today

Power, clarity, and correspondence. Continue reading