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Not Fit

Charles Barsotti, Gabrielle Bell, and more. Continue reading


Sounds Like Fun

Barsotti, Kirby, Chast and more. Continue reading


A Conversation with Hillary Chute

A dialogue with Hillary Chute about Outside the Box, Comics: Philosophy and Practice, canons, and projects. Continue reading

EDD CARTIER (American, b. 1914). Interior pulp illustration. Pencil on board. 8.5 x 13.25 in

Figure That Out

Hillary Chute, censorship, controversy, etc. Continue reading


Don’t Hang Up

Katie Skelly, Peter Arno and links. Continue reading



Joe’s picks and links. Continue reading


Your Post, My Post

Mike Dawson and Sarah Glidden on Joe Sacco, and more. Continue reading


Expensive Art

Ryan Holmberg leaps in. Also: links. Continue reading