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The Comics Journal No. 32, January 1977

Featuring essays by Gary Groth and Dwight Decker.


The Comics Journal No. 33, April 1977

Featuring the Bob Walters portfolio.


The Comics Journal No. 34, May 1977

Featuring a review of Annie and Bill Sherman on Underground Comix.


The Comics Journal No. 35, June 1977

Featuring an interview with David Anthony Kraft.


The Comics Journal No. 36, August 1977

Featuring reviews of Godzilla, Star-Lord, and Mister Miracle. Continue reading


The Comics Journal No. 37, December 1977

Featuring interviews with Martin Pasko and Jenette Kahn; Reviews of WeirdWorld and The Avengers; a report on the Chicago Comicon. Continue reading


The New Nostalgia Journal No. 27, July 1976

The very first issue — not dramatic, but nevertheless important. Continue reading


The New Nostalgia Journal No. 28, September 1976

Featuring an essay by Carter Scholz; editorial by Gary Groth.