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Making “Genius”: Mullaney and Canwell on Alex Toth

A conversation with the authors of the new Alex Toth biography, Genius, Isolated. Continue reading


Bill Blackbeard: Tributes

Words of appreciation from Gary Groth, Chris Ware, Lucy Shelton Caswell, Mark Newgarden, Robert Beerbohm, Michael Tisserand, Peter Maresca, Trina Robbins, and others as they come in. Continue reading


The Collector

Remembering Bill Blackbeard. Updated throughout the day. Continue reading


The Boss is Back

Today we revisit old conflicts, straighten out “memories” and remember the good old days. Continue reading


Preview: Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

Shigeru Mizuki’s first book to be published in English is a trenchant, sometimes elegaic, fictionalized memoir of a deadly war. Continue reading


Fans and Fanatics

Some history, a little commentary, and at least one dumb joke. Continue reading


I Fought Through

Just in time for the taxman… Continue reading


Over the Hump

But not without a few bumps, and so we present a fine document of modern scholarship. Continue reading