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From Croatia With Love

An out of nowhere email from the other side of the world introduces Meisel to the comics of Ivana Armanini and their Crotian peers–including the book that most recently won the Angouleme Festival’s Alternative Comics Award, Komikaze. Continue reading


Sweating the Small Stuff

Bob and Adele made their way over to the East Bay’s show of Guy Cowell miniatures, and he’s got a lot to say about some little paintings. Continue reading


Ming! Ming! Ming!

Sexton Ming and J.T. Dockery’s 15-years-in-the-making collaboration, Kenttucky Pussy, made its way into the world via Nix Comix, earlier this year. Bob Levin took the trip, and he’s recovered enough to explain. Continue reading


The Purpose of Shittiness

Bob Levin’s all caught up on the early years of Casanova Frankenstein, and he’s ready to play tour guide. Buckle your seatbelt! Continue reading



Pondering the lessons of Malcolm Whyte’s Art Out of Chaos. Continue reading


Why Does the 12-Inch-Tall Piano Player Sing?

The return of pirate cartoonist Dan O’Neill Continue reading


Something of Value

Mike Diana, obscenity then and now. Continue reading


The Only Sensible Response

On Robusto!!!, a collection of Serbian comics about war, black markets, and debauchery, plus an interview with the man behind it. Continue reading