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Art, No Art, Art

Reading Pop Wasteland… Continue reading


Two Reviews

Well Come and Scablands. Continue reading

Alice by Kim Deitch

Cottage Industry

In 1997, at an age when most men’s life planning turns toward Social Security, Malcolm Whyte launched a new career. He had formerly published books and he wanted to again. But what books and on what scale? Continue reading


Great Big Beautiful

Guy Colwell’s Doll. Continue reading

Black eye 2 front new size

Morning Becomes Renee

An interview about Black Eye. Continue reading


The Anti-War Comics of Harvey Kurtzman

The politics of Harvey Kurtzman’s war comics. Continue reading


Ware and ‘When’ (and What About It)

A citizen of Berkeley opens Building Stories. Continue reading


The Comics Journal #302: Albert and Robert Excerpt

Bob Levin’s story about Robert Crumb’s lawyer, Albert Morse, begins with the Amazon “Keep on Truckin” lawsuit. Continue reading

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