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An Interview with Tom Palmer

A veteran inker looks back. Continue reading


The Sophie Goldstein Interview

A chat with the author of The Oven. Continue reading


The Miss Lasko-Gross Interview

Miss Lasko-Gross’s new book, Henni, is out now from Z2 Comics, and is a departure in many respects from her previous books. Continue reading


The Mana Neyestani interview

An interview with the author of the graphic memoir An Iranian Metamorphosis, which has just been published in the United States by Uncivilized Books. Continue reading


Checking in with Dean Mullaney

Talking Corto Maltese and Alex Raymond with the editor of the Library of American Comics. Continue reading


A Conversation with Jeet Heer

Discussing Gasoline Alley, Francoise Mouly, and comics history with the author and TCJ-contributor. Continue reading


“I Was Convinced that Beirut Stopped at that Wall”: An interview with Zeina Abirached

A conversation with the author of A Game for Swallows. Continue reading


A Bianca Stone interview

Poetry Comics, invented worlds and word/picture melding. Continue reading