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An Interview with Michael Maslin

Talking to the cartoonist and author about The New Yorker, society, and Peter Arno. Continue reading


The Carlos Giménez Interview

Carlos Giménez has long been considered one of the great cartoonists of Spain, and he’s just released the first English translation of Paracuellos: Children of the Defeated in Franco’s Fascist Spain. Continue reading


An Oral History of Wimmen’s Comix Part 2

The contributors and editors of Wimmen’s Comix discuss the history of the anthology and of women in the underground. Part 2 of 2. Continue reading


An Oral History of Wimmen’s Comix Part 1

If Zap Comix #1 kicked off the underground comix movement, then over the two decades of its run, Wimmen’s Comix played a key role in shaping the generations of cartoonists that followed. This was a publication that was explicitly political, … Continue reading


An Interview with Samandal

Speaking with the editors of the Lebanese comics anthology Samandal, three of whom were recently found guilty of inciting sectarian strife, denigrating religion, publishing false news, and defamation and slander. Continue reading


An Interview with Tom Palmer

A veteran inker looks back. Continue reading


The Sophie Goldstein Interview

A chat with the author of The Oven. Continue reading


The Miss Lasko-Gross Interview

Miss Lasko-Gross’s new book, Henni, is out now from Z2 Comics, and is a departure in many respects from her previous books. Continue reading