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“It’s Just Ridiculous”: A Conversation With George O’Connor

Alex Dueben’s catching up with cartoonists stuck at home, and this week, it’s George O’Connor in the hot seat to talk about gratitude, perspective, and uncertainty. Continue reading


“We’re Grieving Our Way Of Life”: An Interview With Liz Prince

Alex Dueben checked in with Liz Prince to see how quarantine had upended her plans, the solace she found in a video game, and “social media distancing”. Continue reading


“I Think We’re All Scrambling”: An Interview With Gene Luen Yang

Gene Luen Yang catches Alex up on two of his most recent comics: the sports & teaching memoir, Dragon Hoops and the retro title for DC, Superman Smashes The Klan. Continue reading


Art In Quarantine: Julia Gfrörer

Julia Gfrörer talks to Alex Dueben about how the current pandemic has impacted her creative schedule, and what routines she’s using to cope with our new state of affairs. Continue reading


“The Formula Is Your Friend”: An Interview With Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson talks about her prolific string of well-received Archie & Marvel titles, her love of humor, character voice and collaboration, and the path her freelance career has taken. Continue reading


Art In Quarantine: Nicole Georges

Alex Dueben checks in with cartoonist, educator and podcaster Nicole Georges about the systems she is relying on to get through the current COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading


“I Want To See What Else We Can Get Away With”: An Interview with Avi Ehrlich

Avi Ehrlich talks about the history of Bay Area store, record label, art crew and comics publisher Silver Sprocket, and how philosophy can be more than just talk, but an actual practical business model. Continue reading


“I Wanted The Opposite Of A Style”: An Interview With Jon J. Muth

Jon J. Muth–the only human artist who can lay claim to both winning a Caldecott and illustrating a memorable comic book featuring Havok–describes what drew him to the work of Stanislaw Lem for his 2019 book, The Seventh Voyage. Continue reading