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“I Want To See What Else We Can Get Away With”: An Interview with Avi Ehrlich

Avi Ehrlich talks about the history of Bay Area store, record label, art crew and comics publisher Silver Sprocket, and how philosophy can be more than just talk, but an actual practical business model. Continue reading


“I Wanted The Opposite Of A Style”: An Interview With Jon J. Muth

Jon J. Muth–the only human artist who can lay claim to both winning a Caldecott and illustrating a memorable comic book featuring Havok–describes what drew him to the work of Stanislaw Lem for his 2019 book, The Seventh Voyage. Continue reading


“Year Abroad. Dumb Luck. Decent Taste.”: An Interview With Edward Gauvin

In a fascinating, must read conversation, Edward Gauvin talks with Alex Dueben about his career as a freelancer translator, the noble responsiblity of the job, the difficulties inherent to its economic model, and some of his favorite recent European finds. Continue reading


“Everybody Is Going To Get Real Miserable Really Quickly”: An Interview with Dylan Meconis

Dylan Meconis catches Alex up on what it took to get to “done” with her 400 page Queen Elizabeth graphic novel, guesstimates how far along things are with her webcomic Family Man, and apologizes for the heavy physical lifting involved in keeping up with her work via print. Continue reading


“All That Truly Matters In A Story Is Emotion”: An Interview with Mark Waid

Alex Dueben attempts to catch up with Mark Waid, one of the most prolific and successful comic writers of the last three decades, and while he can’t quite cover it all–they certainly cover a good bit of what has kept Waid’s creative fires burning on books like Archie, Daredevil, Superman: Birthright, Impulse and his latest, Ignited. Continue reading


“They Left Me Alone And That Was Pretty Great”: An Interview With Phil Jimenez

Phil Jimenez talks with Alex Dueben about highlights from his twenty-eight year career in comics, the importance of mental health in the LGBTQ comics community, and why he’s returning to Wonder Woman. Continue reading


“It Became An Obsession”: An Interview With Jonathan Fetter-Vorm

Jonathan Fetter-Vorm speaks with Alex Dueben about the difficulty of making graphic novel out of a conflict-free story where every reader knows the ending: Moonbound, the story of Apollo 11. Continue reading


“Style Itself Influences The Mood.”: An Interview With Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran’s latest graphic novel sees her taking Harry Clarke’s illustration and stained glass work as inspiration. In this interview, she explains to Alex Dueben how the project–her newest collaboration with writer Neil Gaiman–came about. Continue reading