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An Interview with Sophie Campbell

A lot of her fans know Sophie Campbell for her recent work, from the relaunch of Glory at Image Comics with writer Joe Keatinge to the recent Jem and the Holograms series with writer Kelly Thompson. Jem in particular struck … Continue reading

01 The Promise

An Interview with Nancy Burton

A rare interview with “Hurricane” Nancy Burton. Continue reading


A Conversation with Zack Davisson

On Kitaro and Shigeru Mizuki’s legacy. Continue reading

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The Michael Zulli Interview

The artist of Puma Blues discusses his work in comics. Continue reading


An Interview with Michael Maslin

Talking to the cartoonist and author about The New Yorker, society, and Peter Arno. Continue reading

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The Carlos Giménez Interview

Carlos Giménez has long been considered one of the great cartoonists of Spain, and he’s just released the first English translation of Paracuellos: Children of the Defeated in Franco’s Fascist Spain. Continue reading


An Oral History of Wimmen’s Comix Part 2

The contributors and editors of Wimmen’s Comix discuss the history of the anthology and of women in the underground. Part 2 of 2. Continue reading

The contributors to “It Ain’t Me, Babe”: Far left, Meredith Kurtzman; standing from left, Carole, Peggy White, Michelle Brand, Willy Mendes; sitting from left, Trina Robbins and Lisa Lyons; far right, Nancy Kalish, a.k.a Panzika, a.k.a Hurricane Nancy.

An Oral History of Wimmen’s Comix Part 1

If Zap Comix #1 kicked off the underground comix movement, then over the two decades of its run, Wimmen’s Comix played a key role in shaping the generations of cartoonists that followed. This was a publication that was explicitly political, … Continue reading